The Silver linings play book  I will admit, I hadn’t heard of before I saw the film trailer. which is strange cause It sounds like a book I would love, and so I fully intend to read it. Especially after enjoying the film. I’m not going to say much about it just because I want people to go see it not knowing 100% what it’s about cause I think you will enjoy it more that way. A lot of people shy away from films like this but you reeeeally shouldn’t!
The Characters are sooo interesting. Pats family are so strange and dysfunctional and even though they all have major problems you can’t help but love them. They acting is REALLY good. Bradley cooper had proven to be a serious actor in taking on this role in my opinion cause, although I have enjoyed seeing him in other films he never really plays a deep character but in this he was fantastic at playing Pat. When I saw that Jennifer lawrence was playing his sort of love interest I kind of thought it looked weird cause she is quite a bit younger than him and i guess its partly because she played a teenager in the hunger games so I thought it would be weird but it’s not. Her charter is so cool and messed up and I loveee her!! 
I don’t really need to say anything about DeNiro. HE is a legendary actor so no comments are needed ;] I defiantly smell awards for this film. JustSayin.
The story was funny and upsetting in places but the film itself was a feel good movie. Happynesss alll arounddd!!